February 14, 2022


ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or SIGE (Integrated Enterprise Management System) is an essential tool in the management of any company, whether small or large. eticadata ERP solutions were developed with the most modern technological resources and considering all the experience acquired by eticadata over the years.

It is a line of fully integrated solutions that offer absolute control over all operational, fiscal, administrative, and financial processes, keeping in mind the particularities of companies' business processes, regardless of their size.

The software is certified by AGT, thus meeting the requirements of the new tax model with certification number 6/AGT/2019.


BASIC line: for micro enterprises.
Only available in single-user and with a limited number of functionalities.

PREMIUM LineLine, for companies with greater needs in terms of network stations and more functional modules, suitable for SMEs.

EXTENDED Line for medium and large companies, with all functionalities and modules available in the eticadata software, highlighting the customization and adjustment capabilities to your needs.



  • Better quality of information: ERP Eticadata is designed so that the user can intuitively perform his tasks with minimal effort and difficulty. In this way, fewer mistakes will be made in data entry allowing greater reliability of the information.
  • Faster decisions: thelayout of the options is designed so that the manager can quickly access the information that really matters to him, thus allowing him to decide on time and respond better to market changes.


  • Greater productivity: thesimplicity and organization of the application allows redundant activities to be eliminated and to be performed in less time, leading to productivity gains throughout the organization.
  • Lower training costs: because it is easy to use, learning is very fast and intensive training is not required.
  • Lower implementation cost: ERP eticadata already includes most of the most used functionalities as standard, so software implementation is faster and less expensive.

For the Agribusiness and Industry area, the Erp Eticadata can help in the management of the sector regarding the control of Commercial Management, Accounting, Fleet Autogest and Human Resources Management.


In a scenario of increasing competitiveness, companies are increasingly faced with the need for management tools that allow them to diagnose the critical factors of the business. Eticadata Commercial Management is a tool that allows you to control the entire commercial department quickly and easily. With this tool, objectives such as reducing costs and maximizing revenue are easier to achieve. The adaptability and the respect for the specificities of the various markets allow you to face the challenges of globalization and internationalization.

Modules that make up Commercial Management

Orders and quotations that assist in the management of quotations with status and validity control, handling of stock reservations and supplier or warehouse orders;

  • Purchasing: automatic order integration process; introduction of charges and allocation to the cost of goods, in other words introduction of the goods purchased by the company with the total cost value.
  • Stocks: multi-warehouse with stock management by location; inventory system and costing method of outputs by CMP (Weighted Average Cost), LIFO(Last In First Out) or FIFO(First In First Out) and introduction of fully configurable stock movements (inventories, entries, exits, waste.
  • Sales: issuing invoices.
  • Current accounts : management of customer and supplier current accounts.
  • Treasury: Automatic Bank Reconciliation; Forecast and Actual Treasury with hierarchical structure of items; Management of cash and bank accounts (current, term, secured); Deposits, withdrawals and transfers between accounts and Bank Reconciliation.


Accounting is the control that the company has over its economic, financial and patrimonial life, representing therefore a great importance for business management. Fruit of years of experience and learning from professionals in the area, Eticadata accounting is the solution to keep the company's accounts under control, facilitate decision making and ensure compliance with tax obligations.

General Aspects
  • General Accounting
  • Budget and Analytics;
  • Treatment of cash flows and cost centers;
  • Reconciliation of movements;
  • Automatic computations (VAT, Results, Stock Register);
  • Issuance of all legal statements and tax returns;
  • Chart of accounts by fiscal year, alternative chart of accounts, and fiscal year other than calendar year;
  • Configurable management maps with the possibility of analyzing several companies simultaneously;
  • Simultaneous accounting in several reference currencies;
  • Consultations, extracts, and maps can be viewed at current or historical exchange rates;
  • Operational plans;
  • Importing SAF-T PT files for launches;


Autogest Frotas is a solution that aims to manage any fleet, regardless of its size, ensuring total control of it so that you have a complete and detailed history of each vehicle.


This management module integrates a set of features that translate into added value, allowing:

  • Travel Management: Registration of routes, times and mileage.
  • Claims Management: Registration of automobile accidents.
  • Cost/Income Management / Allocation: Linking travel and Commercial Management documents (purchasing/costs and/or sales/income) with the values to be allocated
  • Results analysis queries: Totals, average values, fleet management, and graphs.

Human Resources Management

The success of any organization is heavily dependent on good human resource management.

Nowadays, Human Resources Management is increasingly complex due to the many elements to be taken into account. Employee registration and control, contracts, payroll processing and payment, accounting, compliance with legal and tax obligations are just some examples of the tasks that human resources professionals or administrators have to perform. Thus, good human resource management requires an application that can manage all elements related to employees and provide indicators to assist the administration.

Simple to use, adapted to various markets and prepared to meet all legal requirements, Eticadata Human Resources is the solution to manage the employees of any organization.

Customer Relationship Management

The ideal solution to improve your company's sales, marketing and service processes. Integrated with eticadata ERP, CRM is a fast, flexible and accessible tool that enables numerous improvements in daily business processes and customer loyalty. The management of contacts, prospects, opportunities, activities are the main features of this platform. It offers you the ability to easily create and maintain a clear view of customers from the first contact through the sale to the after-sale.

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