June 22, 2022

The promise of every industry

The SISTEC Academy has a Pearson VUE certification center in Luanda, which allows access to one of the largest online certification platforms in the world, for Tis, business and education professionals.

Pearson VUE is an online exam provider for certifications from various specialists, offering the tests with proven speed and security.

The convenience and practicality favor the certification of professionals and students in thousands of exams in various areas. The exams are held in a room properly prepared and connected to the PearsonVUE international certification system.

The scheduling for the qualifications is also done online, ensuring accessibility and agility in your experience before, during and after the exam. In addition, our structure follows the technical surveillance standards proposed by Pearson VUE to ensure integrity, security, and control during your exam.

Among the most popular manufacturers that offer certification exams through PearsonVUE's certification system are Microsoft, IBM, CISCO, Check Point, Linux, Palo Alto, NetApp, Oracle, Huawei, and others.

Other types of specific tests may also be requested, if necessary, through coordination with the specific entity such as (Universities, Professional Schools, Regulatory Entities, etc).

The tests are held in our facilities - SISTEC Maculusso.

For the full list of tests and/or to sign up, go to:

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